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Welcome to the Call DNC™ Web Site!

Get registered with the DNC™ today and say goodbye to annoyances on the phone and other places that the DNC™ covers.

These days, it is getting close to impossible to go through a single day without beying bothered by some company or organization over the phone. It comes in the form of sales calls, surveys, auto warranty offers, mortgage rates, free information, political propaganda and other annoying kinds of solicitation that there is today. Half of the time or sometimes even more often then that, you don't even hear a live person on the phone. You hear a pre-recorded voice message that is broadcasted to thousands of people at a time in a large batch format. How impersonal! You are getting bugged on the phone everyday and now it's by a computer. Sometimes you pick up the phone and have to wait for the system to recognize that you are on the phone and then it plays the message or it sends you to the next available extension in the boiler room.

Having a listed phone number is not as harmless as it once was. Caller ID can now be used against you. A listed phone number exposes you to telemarketing calls based on where you live. Worse yet, it exposes you to fraudulent calls from people trying to obtain your personal information. Some telemarketers sell "sucker lists" of people who were easy and gave in to a pitch. Thieves can even obtain a temporary ID to show up as any matching bank account holder's name.

The less information about you that is out there the better. Mailing lists, telemarketers and others get a lot of information from public phone directories. Get an unlisted number and avoid unnecessary public listing and telemarketer calls.

You can also register with the National Do Not Call List for extra protection.

Before registering with the DNC™, you are exposed to the above mentioned annoyances.

Call DNC™

Just register and say goodbye.

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